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Ernest A. Lynton


Ernest A. Lynton

Author's Books

Making Outreach Visible
A Guide to Documenting Professional Service and Outreach

Faculty professional service/outreach won’t get the respect and reward accorded other forms of scholarship until it can be documented and subjected to peer review. This companion volume to Lynton’s Making the Case for Professional Service delivers specifics for developing such a review process. The protocol calls for teams of faculty and administrators to reach consensus on goals, definitions, and logistics through guided reflection and discussion of prototype portfolios. Sixteen prototypes are included in the volume, the product of a three-year Kellogg-funded project.

Paperback: 9781563770456 / $31.50
Making the Case for Professional Service

Professional service can be an intellectually challenging activity, as well as a critical element in fulfilling campus missions... if properly conceptualized, performed, evaluated, and rewarded. This book explains why professional service is needed, and how it can be documented and evaluated, with case study examples of five actual projects. A companion volume to "Making Outreach Visible".

Paperback: 9781563770333 / $19.95