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Looking In, Reaching Out
A Reflective Guide for Community Service-Learning Professionals
Edited by Barbara Jacoby and Pamela Mutascio
Foreword by Richard Harris
Paperback: 9780972939492 / $35.00
Published: July 2010
Campus Compact

260 pp., 8.5" x 11"
Language: English

Looking In, Reaching Out is an essential hands-on guide for community service-learning professionals. It's packed with tools, worksheets, and insights designed to provide you with the skills, confidence, support, and balance you need to be successful in your professional and personal lives. The guide is self-paced; each chapter can be read on its own, or you can read the entire book from start to finish. Thoughtful worksheets allow you to take the concepts that are written and apply them to your personal situation, giving you a tailor-made experience.

Table of Contents:

Foreword—Richard Harris

Introduction—Barbara Jacoby

Becoming a Reflective Community Service-Learning Professional—Kathleen Rice

Navigating the Sea of Definitions—Elaine K. Ikeda, Marie G. Sandy, and David M. Donahue

Establishing and Sustaining a Community Service-Learning Office, Revisited: Top Ten Tips—Barbara Jacoby

A Travel Guide on the Culture, Mission and Politics of Academia to Promote Service-Learning—Welch

Developing Your Ability to Foster Student Learning and Development through Reflection—Jennifer M. Pigza

Working with Faculty: Designing Customized Developmental Strategies—Patti H. Clayton and Billy O'Steen

Developing Your Strategy for Working with Students—Lacretia Johnson Flash and Carrie Williams Howe

How to Develop Campus-Community Partnerships—Susan Robb Jones and Rev. Ann Palmerton

Leveraging Financial Support for Service-Learning: Relevance, Relationships, Results, Resources—Barbara Holland and Mark N. Langseth

Developing Your Assessment Plan: A Key Component of Reflective Practice—Julie A. Hatcher and Robert G. Bringle

Situating Service-Learning in the Context of Civic Engagement—Julie E. Owen and Wendy Wagner

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