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Practice Of Change
Concepts and Models for Service Learning in Women's Studies
Paperback: 9781563770234 / $35.00
Published: January 2000
Stylus Publishing

230 pp., 6" x 9"
Language: English

This volume, seventh in the Service-Learning in the Disciplines Series, explores the important lessons women’s history and women’s studies hold for the broader service-learning community and the critical opportunity for women’s studies to reconnect with its activist past. The book includes essays with real examples of service-learning projects in women’s studies and lists an extensive bibliography of service-learning and women’s studies sources.

Table of Contents:

PART ONE: THEORY AND HISTORY: On Critical Thinking and Connected Knowing—Blythe McVicker Clinchy; Educating the Artist: A Political Statement—S.A. Bachman, with D. Attyah; A Feminist Challenge to Community Service: A Call to Politicize Service-Learning—Tobi Walker; The History of Women and Service in the United States: A Rich and Complex Heritage—Helen Damon-Moore; Service-Learning and Women's Studies: A Community College Perspective—Karen Bojar; PART TWO: EDUCATING FOR ACTION: The “Different Voice” of Service—Catherine Ludlum Foos; Learning Across Boundaries: Women' Studies, Praxis, and Community Service—Mary Trigg and Barbara J. Balliet; Women's Studies and Community-Based Service-Learning: A Natural Affinity—Patricia A. Washington; Educated in Agency: Student Reflections on the Feminist Service-Learning Classroom—Melissa Kesler Gilbert; The Urban Educational Initiative: Supporting Educational Partnerships With Young, Urban Girls—Kimberly Farah and Kerrissa Heffernan; PART THREE: NARRATING THE JOURNEY: Women, AIDS, and Social Justice: An Autobiography of Activism and Academia—Sally Zierler; TCBY in Limón, Costa Rica: Women's Studies and the (Re)construction of Identity in International Service-Learning—Debra J. Liebowitz; “Civic Character” Engaged: Adult Learners and Service-Learning—Eve Allegra Raimon and Jan L. Hitchcock; Resolving a Conundrum: Incorporating Service-Learning Into a Women and the Law Course—Mary Pat Treuthart; BIBLIOGRAPHY.


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