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Connecting Civic Engagement and Social Innovation
Toward Higher Education's Democratic Promise
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: 9781945459245 / $150.00
Published: April 2020
Campus Compact

200 pp., 6" x 9"
Language: English

This book offers a much-needed appraisal of two key social change movements within higher education: civic engagement and social innovation. The authors critically explore the historical and contemporary contexts as well as democratic foundations (or absence thereof) of both approaches, concluding with a discussion of possible future directions that may make the approaches more effective in fulfilling the broader democratic mission of U.S. higher education. This is an essential resource for those in higher education who wish to promote and advance social change, as it provides an opportunity to critically examine where we are with our civic engagement and social innovation approaches and what we might do to best realize their promise through changes in our educational processes, pedagogical strategies, evaluation metrics, and outcomes.

Table of Contents:

Tables and Figures

Part One: Introduction
1) Framing the Issues Between the Civic Engagement and Social Innovation Movements in Higher Education—Eric Mlyn and Amanda Moore Mcbride

Part Two: History and Contemporary Context
2) Sibling Rivals or Kissing Cousins? Community Engagement, Social Innovation, and Higher Education for the Public Good—David Scobey
3) Diversity and Democratic Justice: Lost Compasses for Civic Engagement and Social Innovation—Caryn Mctighe Musil
4) Exploratory Study on Students’ Perceptions About Service-Learning and Social Entrepreneurship—Joan Clifford, David Malone, Amy Anderson, Dane Emmerling, and Evan Widney

Part Three: The Anchor Institution Approach
5) Civic and Community Engagement and Social Innovation as Components of a Democratic Anchor Institution Approach—Matthew Hartley, Rita A. Hodges, Ira Harkavy, and Joann Weeks
6) Community Engagement, Social Innovation, and Anchor Institutions: A Case Study for Converging Paradigms of Social Justice Education—Kevin Guerrieri, Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, Chris Nayve, Judith Liu, Juan Carlos Rivas, and Mike Williams

Part Four: Moving the Field Forward
7) Social Innovation and Civic Engagement: A Critical Praxis for Engagement in Higher Education—Cadence Willse, Prabhdeep Singh Kehal, and Mathew B. Johnson
8) Realizing Higher Education’s Democratic Promise: The Next Chapter for Civic Engagement and Social Innovation—Amanda Moore Mcbride and Eric Mlyn



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