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Donna K. Duffy

Author's Books

Service-Learning Course Design for Community Colleges

This volume offers hands-on guidance for creating effective service-learning courses in the community college setting. Themes addressed include syllabus design, course models, learning outcomes assessment, and documenting innovative teaching for faculty advancement.

Paperback: 9780972939485 / $32.00
The Community's College
Indicators of Engagement at Two-Year Institutions

Based on the findings of a multi-year research project, this volume profiles successful community engagement practices and programs at community colleges across the country. Designed to provide both two- and four-year institutions with specific guidance on creating an engaged campus, it explores institutional culture, organizational structures, enabling mechanisms, curricular issues, and partnering strategies as avenues to community and civic engagement. Also included is a comprehensive self-assessment tool to help campuses evaluate and deepen their own engagement practices.

Paperback: 9780972939423 / $35.00